The role women have played in Manx history has long been overlooked and hidden from view. Creeaght, meaning courage in Manx, is a musical project that attempts to address this inequality.

Featuring music and illustrations that have been inspired by the lives and legacies of women who have shaped the history of the Isle of Man from the late 1800s to the present day, Creeaght explores different narratives, places and points in time.

Cultural figurehead Sophia Morrison, minority rights campaigner Angèle Kneale and the women behind the law-changing campaign for abortion reform and Handmaids IOM are the focal point of Creeaght. Their remarkable stories of resilience, collaboration and courage are bound together in the story of Mann, and it is time for the stories to be shared and celebrated.

Commissioned by Culture Vannin, the suite of music will be performed at Peel Centenary Centre on Wednesday 27th July as part of Yn Chruinnaght festival by an all women-identifying ensemble. ( The performance will also feature artwork by award winning Manx illustrator Jo Davies, who has bought the stories of these women to life through her illustrations. They will also be on display in a small exhibition in the Atholl room throughout the festival.

In order for their lives, experiences and legacies to be understood more fully beyond the performance, this page has been set up to share and celebrate their multifaceted stories.

To learn more about these courageous women, click their names below.